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 Post subject: MAXKO v1.2: New Anti-Cheat and Gameplay Improvements!
PostPosted: 01 Mar 2023, 01:18 
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Dear MAXKO players,

We are constantly working to improve your gaming experience and ensure a fair playing environment for all players. That's why we're proud to announce that we have implemented new and improved anti-cheat protection measures in MAXKO v1.2.

These measures include advanced software and algorithms that are designed to detect and prevent cheating in all its forms. We take cheating very seriously, and we will not hesitate to take action against any player found to be cheating.

We encourage all players to play fair and abide by the rules of the game. Cheating not only ruins the game for others, but it also undermines the integrity of the game itself.

Check out the exciting new changes and improvements we've made in MAXKO v1.2:

    * We have removed the archery control function that was not useful.
    * Fixed the client-side (+10) item names.
    * Magic Hammer now repairs weapons!
    * The F12 key now opens the Hall of Fame, and the ~ key sends the target name to the party.

    Normal: 5 NP
    Ultra: 6 NP
    Bronze: 7 NP
    Silver: 8 NP
    Gold: 9 NP
    Prime: 10 NP
    Platinum: 12 NP
    Royal: 14 NP + Knight Cash from BOWL bless (max 5KC/day)

    * We have removed one of the two monuments at the center, so there is now only one monument.
    * Owning the center monument will bring your nation an additional 10 NP and 2 MAX points for each kill.
    * Every 10 minutes, the monument will bless with 10 NP, 2 MAX Points, and 1 Knight Cash for royal premium players.

    * The Tab key now opens the Ronark Land Board, which resets and rewards at midnight server time.

Reward for top 10 Humans and Karus
    RANK 1 - 10 Knight Cash
    RANK 2 - 9 Knight Cash
    RANK 3 - 8 Knight Cash
    RANK 4 - 7 Knight Cash
    RANK 5 - 6 Knight Cash
    RANK 6 - 5 Knight Cash
    RANK 7 - 4 Knight Cash
    RANK 8 - 3 Knight Cash
    RANK 9 - 2 Knight Cash
    RANK 10 - 1 Knight Cash

    * Now, you can type "register" to be ready for the FT event.
    * The FT Voucher is no longer in use. After winning the Forgotten Temple, you will receive an FT Coupon, 1,000 NP, and 10 Max Points.
    * Several skills are blocked inside the event

    * We have changed the system, so you will no longer get stuck on an unopened gate. The game now controls Ardream.

    * The nation that destroys the monument in Ronark Land bowl can enter Bifrost for 30 minutes and farm gems. After that, the other nation can enter.
    * The drop rate of gems has been increased by 10%.

    * This event is temporarily disabled.

    * This event is temporarily disabled.

    * This new event is more fun! Everyone has 10k HP, the same look, and the same skills. Let's see who the most skilled fighter on MAXKO is!

The Chaos Event reward is 3 days of wings, and the better your rank, the better the wings you'll receive:

    1 - Big Golden Wings
    2 - 5 - Big Pink Wings
    6 - 10 - Teal Wings

    * You can use the items from the skill bar to get teleported.
    * NPC Menissiah is leaving Moradon. To exchange NP vouchers, use NPC MAXKO Guard.

    * Ranks are now updated every hour (previously every 24 hours).

We hope you enjoy the new features and changes in MAXKO v1.2!

Please refrain from contacting the MAXKO Team for NT, CC, free items, or item trades.

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