hey help pls
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Author:  Sauske [ 12 Jan 2015, 20:25 ]
Post subject:  hey help pls

quote="IExistenceeForYou "]
Flegy wrote:

please post in your problems section and gms will restore his items

i post in your broplem

Account ID:sad
* Char name:MyHearTIsBroken
* Last log in time:11:20 server time
* Date/time when u lost them:6/1/2015
* Explain how you lost them:i give my acc to some one in my clan to add symbol good as he said and him login with char dont leader me said why you login with this char said to me wrong char then him log with Char MyHearTIsBroken me try to login him made Blocked pm when me log with acc IExistenceeForYou then me go to index to see pw
im saw it change then me go to email yahoo to back acc when me back acc dont see items in my acc
* List of items:Valk Set 3x rov and 2x fn and phouls c sttaf and some thing
* Are you sharing your Account with someone? :yes////his name:Born_to_Leade
Yes or No, if Yes, say with who

Author:  GM_Dave [ 12 Jan 2015, 20:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: hey help pls

Flegy just answered that cuz he didn't know the circumstances and the fact that your case was already answered...

I just spoke with him again now, and he agreed that it is your own fault as it is in the rules too. Your account is your own responsibility. Don't give it to random guys for such a reasons as "adding a gg clan symbol" etc.

That was your own mistake and the items will NOT be restored.

/closed and do not make new topic about it.

Author:  GM_Flegy [ 12 Jan 2015, 20:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: hey help pls

Dave tell you a truth, next time be cerfull if you share your id and password. Hope now you learn good leason so next time this will not happent...

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