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Author:  Tatcho [ 12 Jan 2015, 13:55 ]
Post subject:  help

my character was stolen

thief Mr Morata

he told me to do money transfers 90 $ (western/union)
on sunday
all turkey banks sunday closed
banks opened in the morning in Turkey on monday
Today I went to the bank,

it gives me the wrong information No transfer
You said you give me the first character
then he'll give you the information

i gave my acc 800k np kahles csw and walk set
he gave me the wrong information
stole my character

he is a thief name : MrMorata
i have ksc help me give me my acc

acc id : hasan35

old password : xxq6zh7u1

clearing password : 123123q

New karakter name : MrWaKseD

All KSC SS ... 312&type=3

give me acc please dude :'( :'(

im using google translate sorry :'(

Author:  Tatcho [ 12 Jan 2015, 14:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: help

please helppp !!

Author:  FM_Tyson [ 12 Jan 2015, 14:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: help

We cant check wether u got the money or not ,so it can be a lie aswell.
-Doing such trades u gotta find a trustful person in first place , so we dont really support such trades ,next time try to call a GM about this.

Acc/Items wont be restored


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