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 Post subject: my 2 cents.
PostPosted: 25 Oct 2010, 04:54 

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Well, i know it's always good to know what other people think about something. Especially if you try to improve that something and make it more enjoyable for playing. And here i found some free time at 6am with my 3d coffee to write about my ideas for the current state of the server.

Please don't flame or go off-topic. The things that i'll discuss here are not coming because i don't have what to do. I have the experience to see how it goes for many private servers and situations around them.

Since it's a pk server, CZ is the zone that should have most attention from the developers. Still the current situation in CZ looks pretty much the same as any farming server. Granted.. with few additions. This would be enough if there was enough ppl in the zone going PK all the time. In this case change wouldn't be needed. However the situation is not like this right now and you all know it.
Most of the time there is one leading party that owns all the map, and any other player of the opposite nation is sitting in their towns waiting for more people to come online so they have any chance of fighting this party.
This is a waste of time for the poor guys (and me).
Why not making it more interesting for those that can't go against that party solo? The Riotes and the Atrosses are made for a reason. You can add these mobs spawning all over the cz map. And make the ones in the main cz spawn twice faster. This will give option for all the players that can't go in the middle of the map.

People nowadays doesn't go to PK, they go to wait for centaur and monument. That's the PK in this PK server - Killing opposite nation CZ monument in front of the towns and waiting for the Centaur to spawn.. IT'S NOT FUN this way! People like me close the game and start a movie when this happens!

Make the CZ map enjoyable for everyone. Even those who prefer to go solo. I am sure they will be happy to go all over the map checking for the NP mobs spawning. And there will be surely people from the opposite nation farming those mobs. 1vs1 Is fun!

Back in old USKO 2003 we tend to raid the golems spots, the DM spots in cz, and pretty much all the spots there was. People were using them for exp. Now can you think for something that will draw the people in CZ while leveling to 85? Perhaps better exp? All that i know for exp now is the level 83 quest (if there is someone to let you in.). Or perhaps farming something in CZ that otherwise can't be acquired?
I see many maps on. And many mobs. But isn't this bad idea? Since this is a PK server, shouldn't this be oriented towards pushing people to exp/gear up in a zones where they can kill or get killed? The thrill of acquiring and item under the ORC's or HUMAN's nose is great! Also this way the people will be more prepared for the PK tactics on the server. I spend 1 week to gear up without placing my foot in CZ. And when finally i decided to see what's going in CZ i was so disappointed! I got killed with 3 hits.. and the hard thing of all was that i wasn't prepared for the way the people in this server are used to PK. You need to try to find a way to push the people to go in pk zones from the beginning. This way there will be more action for those who are there for PK and better experience (literally) for all the rest who are there to achieve something (exp/items).

I have more ideas about all this, but i think i shall stop here. I am just not sure if you guys gonna get my words and ideas into consideration. But these ideas come from a guy who spent last 4-5 years moving along the private servers and i know what i am talking about.

For those who are wondering why i do this (going over the servers) well, let's say that KO engine is wonderfull thing. The pk system is unique and there is no other like it. And i use KO to rest my mind from my work. I am software engineer and web systems developer and my ass is pretty much 20/24 hours in front of the PC. Knight is just a way to "free some ram" between the work stages.

And lastly, something that i engaged in before but couldn't make a point so it can be understood correctly. It's about the mages that everyone is whining right now.
I know that it's hard to even the skills/effects at start, especially when you created them from scrap (0). The point that everyone is missing right now is:
- the dmg decrease from the staff was GG call. The damage decreased from Novas was not. It was fine.. the dmg. What isn't fine is the pretty high stun and slow rate. You do compare it to all the other classes , but you forget that mages stun/slow effect is AOE. No other class have this crowd control effect. With addition to the high staff dmg the effect for the entire game engine has been changed towards the mages class. And still is. Until you guys don't do something about this aoe stun/slow. Mages didn't hit much with NOVAS before, and the change of the dmg wasn't necessary. What people whine about is the stun/slow. (Am i repeating myself already?).

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. And the reason behind this post is only one. Improving the game experience for everyone here.

 Post subject: Re: my 2 cents.
PostPosted: 09 Dec 2010, 00:47 

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Totally agree with you dude.
Even im guy who want to pk solo :)

Copied to GM section to see what GM staff is thinking about your suggestion.


 Post subject: Re: my 2 cents.
PostPosted: 12 Feb 2013, 08:51 
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/Moved and closed because old topic.
12 Feb 2013


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