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 Post subject: Clan grade system
PostPosted: 01 Nov 2019, 21:04 

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Hello Knight !

:idea: "Brief description"


There is nothing complex in grade system. Only confusing thing is that it was changed few times in the past so people can get confused of what is actual state of the system.

Main idea stays same. To get higher clan grade, you need earn national points (NP), which are obtainable in PvP zones by killing enemies.

The higher grade your clan is, the more possibilities it has but in comparison to past, everything is easier to get and more available.

Each clan can has maximum 50 members and 3 alliances (more about alliances in below sections)

"Knight clan grades"


After clan is created (it costs 500k coins), it gets "Knight grade 5". As clan members are earning NP, clan gets higher grade. However, it is not permament - so if members leave, clan can lose grade.

In following table, you can easily see, how much NP clan needs (SUM of NP of all clan members) to get higher grade.
Knight grades Nation Points (NP) Grade
72'000 Grade 4
144'000 Grade 3
360'000 Grade 2
720'000 Grade 1

As soon as clan gets grade 3, clan leader will get possibility to activate quest "Kill Caitharos" (I do not remember the name). Nowadays it is not needed to have much people to be able to complete the quest, but you need at least one priest and one attacker (depends on equip and levels).
Caitharos rules and abilities

Quest can be activated in at [Knight Clerk] Delaga (Luferson Castle at 357, 1746) / [Knight Clerk] Charel (El Morad Castle at 1708, 309)
If clan leader activates quest, it teleports all players into arena with Caitharos. Make sure, that nobody is away from keyboard / merchanting, when you do this.
Caitharos abilities are Parasite (removes HP buff and decreases base HP) and Mana drain (Do not remember amount, but it's a lot)
Once Caitharos is killed, he drops his heart and only clan leader can loot it (Make sure, you have available space in inventory)

To complete this quest you need this heart. As soon as clan leader completes quest, clan gets short gray cape and possibility to upload clan logo (more about clan logo in below section).

Clan logo will appear in front of name of every clan member and also on the clan capes.

Color of clan capes can be changed in Luferson/El Morad Castles at [Cape Merchant] Habice (Luferson 393, 1735) / [Cape Merchant] Sarvic (El Morad castle at 1653, 329) but this change costs money so think carefully about what color you would like to have.

You can choose only from short capes in colors: black, blue, red, purple, green, yellow, dark blue, orange, light green. Prices start at 20m coins but can grow up to 160m coins.

"How to upload clan logo"

Clan logo has to meet those requirements:

Maximum size of of image is 32x32
Allowed image formats are bmp and tga

If you have image satisfying such requirements, copy it into "symbol_us" folder which is located on place where the game files are located (game is installed).

Image has to be named as symbol (so symbol.tga or symbol.bmp) - there is default file named as this, so just replace it.

After this is done, visit [Cape Merchant] NPC - if you made everything correct, you will see your symbol in preview window. Register of clan logo costs 5m coins.

Clan grades for Royal clans are purchased with donated NP and so it is not automatically. Leader or assistants of clan have to increase it manually at [Knight Clerk] NPC.

Alliance rules

Each clan with "Knight grade 3" and higher can offer alliance to others. All clans without exception can accept alliance offers.

Alliance has to meet following rules:

Only main clan (clan which offered alliance in the begining) can offer alliance
Maximum amount of alliance clans is 3 (if we include main clan then 4 clans)
Main clan can be any grade (Knight, Accredited, Royal)
Only one alliance clan can have completed cape quest (It means finished Caitharos quest or is already Accredited or Royal)
Rest 2 alliance clans have to be only Knight grade without cape quest completed (At grade 3 they didn't complete Caitharos quest)
This rule is to avoid that top 4 clans will make alliance (for example in case of CSW it would be critical)
Each alliance clan will inherit base capes from main clan.
If main has for example long red cape and their color is changed to be light red, then alliance clan will have only those long red capes
If alliance clan has changed their color too, it will be mixed with base color of main clan (red in this example)
If alliance clan which is Accredited or Royal will upgrade their grade (or Knight grade 1 upgrades grade to Accredited 5) it will automatically disband alliance for that clan. So main clan has to offer alliance again.
With this way it is forced that only one alliance clan will has Accredited or Royal grade.

Thank you for Reading




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